Wind Mitigation Inspections: What They Are And Why You’d Need One

Is your home suitably protected against windstorms? Call Advantage Inspections to find out what wind mitigation upgrades and credits are available.

As a homeowner in Florida, the threats posed by hurricane season between June and November cannot be ignored. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your property in style, and wind mitigation inspections are the first step toward success.

What is a wind mitigation inspection?

Wind mitigation is a process of adapting the home by adding features designed to withstand the threat of windstorms. Some examples include roof water barriers, roof to foundation anchoring, and window coverings. The exact requirements and recommendations will depend on the individual characteristics of the home.

Completing the upgrades can be expensive, but the State of Florida authorities want to support homeowners. A professional wind mitigation inspection involves a thorough assessment of your home to determine which preventative steps can be taken to reduce the risks. Perhaps more importantly, it will also identify which credits you are entitled to.

Most Florida homeowners who complete home mitigation inspections will find that a large percentage of their home upgrade costs can be covered by the credits.

Why are home mitigation inspections needed?

First and foremost, wind mitigation inspections can unlock financial credits while also guiding you towards the right home additions to reduce the risks of hurricane season. Furthermore, it can significantly reduce your home insurance premiums, as windstorm risks often account for over half of the premium.

Crucially, wind mitigation inspections will provide insight into the necessary projects and help you find the right contractors to complete them. Once finished, your family will feel safer than ever. Better still, it’ll put your mind at ease as you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of responding to damage. As always, prevention is the best form of protection for your home and family.

While you could assess the home yourself, professional home mitigation inspections are the only way to get the best results and receive any eligible credits.

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