Why Is It Necessary To Clean Vent Hood Filters?

Homeowners are always using the oven in the kitchen to make meals for their families. In fact, as prices rise on the cost of food, more families are making food than eating out of the home. Thus, the oven is being used more often and can get dirty. If you have a range hood, then you may have a vent hood that has a filter. Why is it necessary to clean vent hood filters? The range hood pulls up odors from cooking and vents them outside the home for air quality. 

How Does the Vent Hood Filter Work?

The goal when cooking is to create a nice meal but also to make sure that the home has good air quality. This is done by venting the odors outside the home but inside the range hood, the filter is what keeps the air clean. These filters prevent grease and dirt from being trapped in the ductwork. If it becomes trapped, the ductwork then can create a fire hazard.

Oven range vent filters should be cleaned regularly.

Why Is It Important to Clean the Range Hood Filters?

There are a few reasons.

  1. Grease builds up during and after cooking– Cleaning or replacing the filter is essential to make sure the vent is working properly. If the filter is not cleaned, the grease buildup appears in the inside and outside of the hood.
  2. Keeps contaminants and chemicals away – You want to have clean air you are breathing in the kitchen so having a clean vent hood filter is essential to do this.
  3. Filters counterbalance odors from cooking – the filters will vent very strong odors from cooking

How to Clean a Range Hood Filter

There are a few steps to clean a range hood filter. Let’s take a look.

Locate The Range Hood Filter And Remove It

  1. Find the filter and remove it. Usually, it is located on the underside of the hood. There are different types of filters so it might have a handle on it to allow you to pull it out or might have something you have to pinch to slide it out. Take it to the sink to see how dirty it is before cleaning it.
  2. Next, if you aren’t sure where to find the range hood filter or how to remove it, you can look at your owner’s manual. There should be one that came with your range. If not, you can look up the model number online.

Check the Dirtiness of The Filter Before Cleaning

  1. Check for clogging – if you cook a lot and the filter is clogged, you will need to replace it instead of cleaning it.
  2. Purchase a range hood filter replacement – when you have a new filter, it is a good idea to clean it once a month to keep grease and grime from building.

Clean Range Hood Filter

Believe it or not, there are a few steps needed to clean the range hood filter.

  1. Spray the range hood filter with a recommended cleaner from your local hardware store. Let the cleaner sit for 10 minutes and then scrub and wash the filter.
  2. Use hot water and some dish soap and scrub the range hood filter. Make sure to soak the filter long enough to scrub the grease and debris away.

Replace Range Hood Filter

This option is very simple. Replacing a range hood filter should be a priority. It could be easier than cleaning the filter.

  • Wipe the range hood filter dry with a towel and replace it with your range. Once you know the filter is ready, you will have a fresh range hood ready to pump out some fresh air.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you have learned about cleaning vent hood filters, let’s take a look at other areas of maintenance. 

One of those is what can go into a garbage disposal. So, what can go into a garbage disposal? You can put soft foods that aren’t starchy, vegetables and fruits with no peels, and ice are all okay. It is important to make sure that you follow these rules of thumb so you don’t ruin your system.

Another area is the oven.  Sometimes the oven may smoke due to it being new and it has a film on it, or it has food that burned in it, there may be residue left from cleaning or the heating element has burned out.  It is important to figure out what it is so you can make sure your appliance is working properly

Lastly, oven cleaners can do a number on the countertops.  This is because they are toxic and contain ingredients such as butane, turpentine, and degreasers.  Keeping this product away from appliances and other places in the kitchen is important. 

It is always important to clean the vent hood on your range.

When Do I Call A Professional?

Calling on a professional to clean your vent hood filters is not the most ideal situation. As the grease builds up on the filters it becomes something of a nuisance. Most homeowners will not need to call on something to assist unless they cannot physically make the cleaning happen or just don’t have time. Consider hiring your local home inspection team to inspect all appliances before you get things clean. Also, if you need a local professional handyman to assist, they can recommend a reputable professional.


Most homeowners understand the importance of keeping things maintained in their homes. The vent hood filter is no different than the filter replacement in your ac unit. If the filter is dirty and full of grease you might consider replacing it. Be sure to reach out to your local home inspection team for all of your needs. Reach out to, Advantage Inspections to have a full home inspection conducted here in West Central, Florida.