The Top 5 Benefits Of Having A Home Inspection

Home inspections may seem like an added expense, but they could save you a fortune – as well as your sanity. Arrange yours today by calling Advantage Inspections of Florida.

As a homebuyer, there is no greater source of excitement than viewing a property that matches your vision of the dream home. However, you must not let your eyes rule your brain. Quite frankly, booking a professional home inspection before committing to the purchase will be vital.

Whether choosing 4-point inspection or a full property survey is up to you. Either way, the following benefits will ensure that it’s one of the smartest decisions made during this entire process.

Avoid the threat of purchasing the wrong property

A property may look perfect at a glance, but hidden faults could severely harm your finances and relationship with the home. Around 70% of all homeowners have at least one regret about their purchase and ‘underestimating the true costs’ is the most common issue. While some repairs and upgrades are to be expected, buying a property that will soon need a new roof or boiler can cause a serious headache.

Property inspections will reveal any issues, thus allowing you to make a calculated decision about whether it’s the right home for you.

Put yourself in a position of financial power

Most mortgage lenders need home insurance while insurers will dictate that a home inspection must be completed. Aside from satisfying those demands, though, the information gained could put you in a stronger position to negotiate the price. If your new home in Florida requires upgrades for wind mitigation, for example, you can make this known to the seller when making your offer.

Home inspection services highlight what will be needed to overcome the various faults. In turn, this will allow you to research the costs and timeframes in advance.

Protect your family

When buying a new home, keeping your family safe is naturally the most important item on your agenda. The home inspection will detail the severity of all issues, along with how quickly any projects should be completed. The importance of the risk assessment cannot be emphasized enough. Nobody wants to buy a home that puts their family’s safety in a vulnerable position, especially if they don’t have the funds to fix it.

Roof replacements, for example, cost an average of $5,500-$11,000. A home inspection will ensure that you take account of any jobs like this that may need attention.

Learn about past problems

When looking at properties, seeing new structural elements can be seen as a great selling point. However, they could also be hiding underlying causes. Are new door frames hiding a foundation issue? Does a new HVAC system hide the fact that the property has a history of mold infestations? The details found in your home inspection report will help you paint a clearer image. You can subsequently pose the right questions about all aspects of the property.

Data shows that property prices in Florida have increased by 78% over the course of five years. You do not want to buy one that isn’t quite as impressive as it first seems.

Gain peace of mind

Buying a property is arguably the biggest decision that you’ll ever make for the family. Aside from being your biggest financial asset, it is the place where you spend more time than any other. You’ve already researched the neighborhood in detail. The home inspection will confirm that the house is in good health, built to last, and will signal a solid investment. Frankly, it’s the least that you deserve.

Alternatively, home inspections can be arranged for your current home to confirm that no major risks are present. To learn more, get in touch with our friendly team today.