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Window AC unit

How Does a Window Air Conditioner Work?

In most places in the summer months, an air conditioner is needed. If you don't want to mess with an HVAC unit, then a window air conditioner is a common cooling device. It is a compact unit designed to be installed in a window or a small…
Static pressure gauge.

What Is Static Pressure?

When it comes to your HVAC system there are a lot of items that you as a homeowner might not understand. As a homeowner, you are likely to be keen on changing your air filters and rinsing our cleaning out the drain line. Other than that, the…
Pull a permit for HVAC replacement.

Do You Need A Permit For HVAC Replacement

Owning a home presents many challenges. Not only must you remember a maintenance schedule for all of your systems and appliances, but you must also know the important rules and regulations set by your local area. Homeowners that fail to read…