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Calcium buildup on faucets is typically caused by hard water.

How To Clean Calcium Buildup On A Faucet?

Being a homeowner requires a lot of work to maintain your home. It seems like there are always things to clean or fix in the home. While getting ready for work, you look down at the water coming out of the faucet and notice a white and chalky…
Garbage disposals are great for certain food disposal.

Can You Put Drain Cleaner In Garbage Disposal

Homeowners have many tasks when it comes to the maintenance of their homes. Unfortunately, many homeowners have such busy lives, they often forget how to perform basic maintenance on their home's appliances and systems. For example, how to…
Replacing garage door springs varies by usage.

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last

Maintaining a home is never a fun task. In many cases, homeowners are only home long enough to cook and sleep. Most do not have time to concern themselves with the maintenance of their home. Unfortunately, without the proper maintenance, items…
Ceiling fan in the home

Do Ceiling Fans Help AC

When owning a home, homeowners always look for ways to save money. When the weather becomes the perfect mixture of temperature and breeze, homeowners will often turn their AC off and open the doors and windows. This is a great idea, as long…
Know when to replace your water heater.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Water Heater

When it comes to projects in your home, each project will take a varying amount of time. This all depends on what is involved with the project. Replacing a floor could take a couple of days, depending on the material that is used. Also, doing…
Smoke coming from your oven.

Why Is My Oven Smoking

When you purchase an appliance it is important to read up on the inner workings of that appliance. In this case, an oven. Just like everything else in your home, an oven needs to have maintenance conducted on a regular basis. If spills occur…
Ball float in the toilet tank.

How To Fix A Running Toilet Without A Ball Float

Plumbing issues can arise at any moment in your home. Homeowners often don't have time to pay attention to anything related to a toilet unless there is a glaring need. There are so many varieties of toilets available, that once you purchase…
Low water pressure

What Causes Low Water Pressure In Kitchen Sink

When it comes to being a homeowner there are a lot of areas that will need maintaining. In some cases, not all maintenance is expected or planned. Items in your home can often break down or require a simple replacement part. Additionally, you…
Pull a permit for HVAC replacement.

Do You Need A Permit For HVAC Replacement

Owning a home presents many challenges. Not only must you remember a maintenance schedule for all of your systems and appliances, but you must also know the important rules and regulations set by your local area. Homeowners that fail to read…
5 benefits post

The Top 5 Benefits Of Having A Home Inspection

Home inspections may seem like an added expense, but they could save you a fortune - as well as your sanity. Arrange yours today by calling Advantage Inspections of Florida.