Is a Squeaky Dryer Dangerous?

Repairing a dryer because it is squeaking.

Many homeowners like having a washer and dryer in the home. It allows them to not rely on a laundromat for the cleaning of their clothes. Some homes have a laundry room so it is easy to close the door and let the machines run and not hear them. However, sometimes the dryer may squeak. Is a squeaky dryer dangerous? Yes, there can be overheating and a fire hazard if the issue causing the squeaking is not fixed.

Dryer may squeak due to an electrical issue or bad drum.

Reasons the Dryer May Squeak

There are several possible reasons why a dryer may produce squeaking noises. These reasons include:

  1. Worn-out or damaged drum support rollers
  2. Malfunctioning idler pulley
  3. Faulty belt tensioner
  4. Defective motor bearings
  5. Loose or worn-out dryer belt

Identifying the specific cause of the squeaking will help troubleshoot and resolve the issue effectively.

Dangers of a Squeaky Dryer

While a squeaky dryer may seem harmless, it can potentially lead to some dangers, such as:

  1. Increased wear and tear on dryer components, leading to further damage
  2. Overheating of the dryer due to improper function
  3. Potential fire hazard if the issue is left unaddressed

It is important to address the squeaking promptly to prevent any potential hazards.

Fixing a dryer that is squeaking before it becomes dangerous.

How to Stop a Dryer from Squeaking

To eliminate the squeaking noise, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the dryer and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Locate the cause of the squeaking by inspecting the drum support rollers, idler pulley, belt tensioner, motor bearings, and dryer belt.
  3. Tighten any loose components, replace any worn-out parts, or lubricate as needed.
  4. Test the dryer after making the necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure that the squeaking has stopped.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the dryer can also help prevent future squeaking issues.

Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know about taking care of a squeaky dryer, let’s take a look at other areas of recommended maintenance. One of those is ventless dryers. Yes, they make dryers that can function without a vent. The dryer removes moisture from clothes and has condensation drying and heat pump technology.

Another is cleaning a dryer vent that goes to the roof. In order to do this, you need a plastic garbage bag, go on the ladder to the roof, and remove the dryer vent screen. You can also pull the dryer away from the wall, vacuum it, and use a specific type of brush. 

Lastly, when making some repairs in the home, you may need to use more grout. It is important to know that it takes 24-72 hours to dry in the home and that depends on humidity as well.

When Do I Call a Professional?

In some cases, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance. Consider calling a professional if the cause of the squeaking is unclear or difficult to identify. Another reason is the repairs require specialized tools or technical expertise and you aren’t sure if you can handle it. Lastly, if the issue persists even after attempting DIY troubleshooting steps, you may need some help. Professional assistance can help diagnose and resolve complex or persistent squeaking problems effectively.


A squeaking dryer can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous issue. However, by understanding the reasons behind the squeaking and taking appropriate action, you can eliminate the noise and maintain the performance and safety of your dryer. Remember to promptly address any squeaking noises and seek professional help when needed. While you are dealing with the squeaky dryer, this is a great time to reach out to Advantage Inspections to have a full home inspection here in West Central, Florida.