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What Is Static Pressure?

When it comes to your HVAC system there are a lot of items that you as a homeowner might not understand. As a homeowner, you are likely to be keen on changing your air filters and rinsing our cleaning out the drain line. Other than that, the ins and outs of your HVAC system are […]

Why Is It Necessary To Clean Vent Hood Filters?

Homeowners are always using the oven in the kitchen to make meals for their families. In fact, as prices rise on the cost of food, more families are making food than eating out of the home. Thus, the oven is being used more often and can get dirty. If you have a range hood, then […]

How To Fix A Retaining Wall?

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. Everything from standard maintenance to adding curb appeal to your home. When it comes to gardening and enhancing your home’s curb appeal a retaining wall could be perfect. The moment the wall goes up and the soil, plants, and trees look so perfect is an exciting […]

What Is A Floating Floor?

Picking out your flooring can be a fun yet stressful time for a homeowner. There are so many choices that you could make to make your home look beautiful on the inside. Floors are always the biggest draw for guests and homeowners. They accent a home with enhanced aesthetics. Whether you have hardwood floors, tile […]

How To Cut Metal Roofing

Owning a home can come with a lot of maintenance needs. In most cases, a homeowner can contract out the work to an expert. In other cases, the homeowner might find it rewarding and time-saving to conduct the work themselves. Unfortunately, some projects require some major tools. Not all tools are capable of being stored […]

How To Remove Insulation From Attic?

Owning a home requires a lot of attention to detail. Whether you have a new build or have bought an older home, understanding how insulation works in your attic is important. Keep in mind that at some point you will need to have your insulation removed from the attic and replaced. Depending on the type […]

How Long Does Stucco Last?

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility and areas of maintenance to be concerned about. One of those areas that homeowners typically neglect is the exterior surface. Regardless of the type of exterior surface you have on your home, it is highly likely that painting the home should happen every five years. Additionally, […]

How To Adjust A Garage Door?

When it comes to garage doors, most homeowners rarely think about them. Unless there is damage or a malfunction, homeowners may just assume they will last forever. However, garage doors are a vital safety feature of the home. They are opened and closed over a thousand times in their lifespan. Relying on a garage door […]

How To Clean Calcium Buildup On A Faucet?

Being a homeowner requires a lot of work to maintain your home. It seems like there are always things to clean or fix in the home. While getting ready for work, you look down at the water coming out of the faucet and notice a white and chalky film on the faucet head. You haven’t […]

Can You Put Drain Cleaner In Garbage Disposal

Homeowners have many tasks when it comes to the maintenance of their homes. Unfortunately, many homeowners have such busy lives, they often forget how to perform basic maintenance on their home’s appliances and systems. For example, how to unclog a sink, garbage disposal, or even toilet can be a challenge. There are so many recommended […]